Walking the Walk

new juicer

I’ve been preaching a lot about the wonders of fresh squeezed green juice. I’m loving the effects of juicing on my body and mind, but not so much on my wallet. And to my shame I did not have a juicer of my own.

Until now.

I am the new proud owner of a retro chic Jack LaLanne Power Juicer that I found on Craigslist for $30.

It’s not the juicer I set out to buy. It’s been well used. It’s named after a retro fitness guru. (Although I do own a George Foreman Grill – maybe they can lift together.) And I need to use chopsticks to remove the blade because the former owner lost the tool. But the price was right, and now I have fresh juice whenever I want it. And for a lot less than the $6-7 a pop most juice bars charge.

There are a bewildering number of juicer options out there – masticating, single gear, twin gear. Spendy, super spendy, and “cost of a small car”. They all have benefits and drawbacks. Some work quickly and are easy to clean, but don’t get all the juice from your veggies. Some are very efficient but painfully slow. And some are just too far outside of most people’s budget.

In nutrition school I learned that the best juicer for you is the one you’ll use.

For $30, I know I’ll get my money’s worth from this little guy.

Welcome to my kitchen, Jack LaLanne!



Magical Misunderstood Garlic

garlic bulbs

This week I came down with the stomach virus that’s going around Seattle. Despite living as healthily as I can manage, I still interact with people and germs, and I still get sick. I just don’t get sick for as long as I used to. And whenever I’m sick, I turn to garlic.

Yes, garlic. This is not a typo. Since the dawn of time – or at least literature – garlic has been considered a cure-all. It’s been claimed to help in resisting colds and flu, the Plague, and even vampires. Many people in other countries still rely on garlic as a health supplement.

I used to travel a lot for business. And between all the indulgent eating and the germs on planes and shaking a lot of hands, I would usually get sick. One time, when I got a cold in Torino, Italy, my local contact advised I eat a clove of garlic. Every day. He said he did it, and never got sick.

At the time I hadn’t bought into natural wellness. Or food allergies. Or the understanding that everything we put in our mouths effects our entire bodies. So I ignored his advice. Laughed about it, in fact. “What a quaint Italian custom,” I thought, arrogantly.

What I didn’t realize is that I was just following the current medicinal thinking, which has evolved over time.

A Short History of Medicine.

Doctor, I have an ear ache!
2000BC Here, eat this root.
AD 1000 That root is heathen. Here, say this prayer.
AD 1850 That prayer is superstition. Here, drink this potion.
AD 1940 That potion is snake oil. Here, swallow this pill.
AD 1985 That pill is ineffective. Here, take this antibiotic.
AD 2000 That antibiotic is artificial. Here, eat this root.
Author unknown. Reprinted from Herbal Supplement Resource

Over the last few years my thinking has evolved to include a more holistic look at medicine. Why shut out any option, right?

And I’ve come to appreciate garlic in all of its forms—raw, roasted, stir fried, minced, pressed, or eaten whole. Especially when I’m not feeling well. It turns out that raw garlic has the most medicinal value. And raw garlic that’s been minced or crushed has even more goodness than the whole clove, because you get more of the juices interacting with your bodily fluids*.

Juicy raw garlic from a garlic press.

Juicy raw garlic from a garlic press.

Raw garlic also results in most people’s top two complaints about garlic. That smell, and the burning.

That burning sensation in your mouth? That’s the garlic killing off bacteria and eating the sugars and yeast that accumulate on your tongue. Eat some once in a blue moon and it’ll always burn. But eat a little every day, as my Italian friend suggested, and over time the burning will give way to enjoyment of the juicy, spicy taste.

Which leaves us with garlic breath. Garlic, or at least its smell, has an unwarranted bad rap. In a world totally aligned with health, not to mention yumminess, romance-seekers would be attracted to anyone who smelled like garlic. Personally I’ve come to love it. Who doesn’t love garlic fries, garlic bread, and olive oil with crushed garlic? You can’t get the taste without the smell. You could take garlic supplements, but they are neither as delicious nor as effective as the raw stuff. So let’s not discriminate! Next time you meet someone who smells of garlic, congratulate them on their good choices!

Let’s declare a garlic revolution!


*A character in one of my favorite movies, a cult classic, was obsessed with bodily fluids. In fact, he started a nuclear war. Guess who? For the record, that’s not the kind of revolution I’m suggesting. 🙂

Introducing Curvy Chick Health!

Hello my lovelies,

I am so excited to begin my studies as a health coach – I can barely wait the two weeks for school to begin. I’ve needed an outlet for all this nervous energy, and so I’ve been doing what I do – figuring out the marketing and branding for my eventual wellness business.

In the name of research I’ve been visiting wellness centers and reading every “go get ‘em girl, get healthy” book out there. And what struck me is that most of the healthy role models look like, well, models. Which made me feel a little bad about myself. No matter how healthy I get I will never be a size 0, and all the wedge booties in the world won’t make me 5’10”.

But then I thought about it and realized that the majority of women in America, and likely the world, probably feel the exact the same way. And I’ve been looking for something to set me apart from all the other healthy living gurus. For my brand differentiator.

And so, drumroll please… introducing Curvy Chick Health™!

(Hey, that’s me!)

As the Curvy Chick health coach™ I’ll help clients focus on doing well to feel good, rather than striving for a specific weight, size or body style. To be the very best version of their badass beautiful selves, whatever that looks like.

Curvy Chick Wellness, LLC, my company, will offer health-related products–starting with doTERRA essential oils–and, eventually, reasonably-priced health centers giving the average person access to the kinds of holistic natural health benefits that only movie stars, millionaires and high-tech employees can afford today.

There are a few other Curvy Girls and Curvy Chicks with various kinds of coaching services today, but I think my offering is different enough and the market is big enough to support one more.

I could use some help designing my logo and corporate brand elements–if anyone wants to spend some time on a fun project, I can barter for free health coaching services!

In the coming months I will be rebranding this blog so I can start developing a Curvy Chick Health social media footprint. Don’t worry – this blog will still be chock full of healthy, yummy looking recipes and amusing anecdotes from my journey. In fact, even more so since, you know, this is kind of my job now.

My blog will still be right here at this URL, plus I’ll start using www.curvychickhealth.com. I’ve also reserved http://www.curvychickwellness.com but I plan to use that for my company website, when I have one. You can still reach me at whatever email address you use today, or the fancy-pants new curvychickhealth@outlook.com.

Hop on board the Curvy Chick train with me—it’s going to be an exciting ride!

Your future Curvy Chick health coach