Come on out and see me this month!

CC collateral

There’s nothing like new marketing materials to make an enterprise feel legit.

Say “hello” to my new brochures! Don’t they coordinate beautifully with my business cards?

I’m so excited to share them with the folks who come to my four community events this month. Maybe you’ll be one of them? Here’s where to find me in June — first one is tomorrow night!

Tuesday June 3, 6:30 – 7:30 pm
Guest speaker, Gluten Free Support Group
Vitamin Life, 15830 Redmond Way, Redmond, WA 98052

Wednesday, June 11, 7-8 pm
Getting More Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzs……..
Vitamin Life, 15830 Redmond Way, Redmond, WA 98052

Thursday, June 12, 7-8 pm
Guest speaker, “Gluten Free… Now What?”
Flying Apron Café and Bakery, 16541 Redmond Way, Ste E, Redmond, WA 98052

Thursday, June 26, 7-8 pm
Leading book club discussion on Salt, Sugar, Fat
Flying Apron Café and Bakery, 16541 Redmond Way, Ste E, Redmond, WA 98052

Hope to see you there!



Introducing Curvy Chick Health!

Hello my lovelies,

I am so excited to begin my studies as a health coach – I can barely wait the two weeks for school to begin. I’ve needed an outlet for all this nervous energy, and so I’ve been doing what I do – figuring out the marketing and branding for my eventual wellness business.

In the name of research I’ve been visiting wellness centers and reading every “go get ‘em girl, get healthy” book out there. And what struck me is that most of the healthy role models look like, well, models. Which made me feel a little bad about myself. No matter how healthy I get I will never be a size 0, and all the wedge booties in the world won’t make me 5’10”.

But then I thought about it and realized that the majority of women in America, and likely the world, probably feel the exact the same way. And I’ve been looking for something to set me apart from all the other healthy living gurus. For my brand differentiator.

And so, drumroll please… introducing Curvy Chick Health™!

(Hey, that’s me!)

As the Curvy Chick health coach™ I’ll help clients focus on doing well to feel good, rather than striving for a specific weight, size or body style. To be the very best version of their badass beautiful selves, whatever that looks like.

Curvy Chick Wellness, LLC, my company, will offer health-related products–starting with doTERRA essential oils–and, eventually, reasonably-priced health centers giving the average person access to the kinds of holistic natural health benefits that only movie stars, millionaires and high-tech employees can afford today.

There are a few other Curvy Girls and Curvy Chicks with various kinds of coaching services today, but I think my offering is different enough and the market is big enough to support one more.

I could use some help designing my logo and corporate brand elements–if anyone wants to spend some time on a fun project, I can barter for free health coaching services!

In the coming months I will be rebranding this blog so I can start developing a Curvy Chick Health social media footprint. Don’t worry – this blog will still be chock full of healthy, yummy looking recipes and amusing anecdotes from my journey. In fact, even more so since, you know, this is kind of my job now.

My blog will still be right here at this URL, plus I’ll start using I’ve also reserved but I plan to use that for my company website, when I have one. You can still reach me at whatever email address you use today, or the fancy-pants new

Hop on board the Curvy Chick train with me—it’s going to be an exciting ride!

Your future Curvy Chick health coach

An Excess of Caution

We live in a world of excessive labeling – of people, of the meaning of success, of things to be afraid of. You all know I rely on food labeling, and the kindness of strangers, to eat safely. But while I am thankful for food labeling, there comes a point when it starts to seem like marketing. Case in point–according to the label of my I LOVE LEMON tea bag, it’s gluten free.


Thank god! Now I can drink tea.

After a review of packaging at my local supermarket, apparently I can also drink coffee, iced tea, and many sodas, and eat apples, chicken, waterrmelon, and nuts.

Truly this makes the world a better place.

1st Annual Glutiny Awards

As a foodie with food allergies,”it takes a village” for me to eat out. In gratitude, and only 83 years behind tonight’s Academy Awards, I am introducing the Glutiny Awards (TM and copyright pending).

[A quick web search didn’t turn up any trademark infridgements, but Bing did ask if I meant the Gluttony Awards. I’m not quite ready for them yet.]

So back to the Glutiny Awards. I want to thank the following for enabling me to eat gluten-free with little to no drama, right here in my ‘hood.

First, the winners in the Baking Category:

  • Ground-breaker: Flying Apron Bakery – I mean really. Where would the Seattle gluten-free movement be without you?
  • Deliciousness: Sweet Cakes Bakery – a wonderful Kirkland neighborhood bakery that also makes delicious gluten-free sweets.

Next, the Dining Out category:

  • Trellis Restaurant – while not a gluten-free restaurant, their farm-t0-table sensability and informed staff are gluten-friendly and the food is beautiful.
  • Graces 5 – gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free and low sugar. And yummy!
  • Typhoon! – my favorite Thai restaurant has a gluten-free menu

And lastly, the all-important Shopping category (and you know I love to shop!):

Please join me in congratulating these Glutiny Award winners with your patronage. There are more and more options for gluten-free dining, snacking and shopping every year, and it’s high time they were celebrated.

I hope to see you there!

Coconut – the New Wonder Food?

This has been the Year of Coconut.* At least according to the health food industry.

This surprised me. No one can argue that my favorite coconut foods are healthy–coconut macaroons, Almond Joy and Mounds bars, coconut cake. But with my intollerance to milk, sugar, and gluten, these are all off the menu. I can still enjoy the delicious tom kha gai, but while not-bad-for-you it’s not exactly a health food.  So I was interested to learn what else you could do with it.

This summer I learned about coconut water–the miracle rehydrator.  At least according to Madonna.  I was skeptical but when I checked the glucose levels they were pretty low. The taste took a little getting used to, but it was the perfect upper on sweltering hot days back east. And apparently you can cook with it. Definitly a win.

Discovering coconut water made me wonder what else coconut was good for … like war. “Coconut, huh, yeah  What it is good for? Absolutely nothing!  uh huh” 

Unlike (arguably) war, coconut seems to have a lot of good uses. An entire industry has sprung up around coconut oil. Various producers and the research they fund claim that it stimulates the thyroid, fights aging, reduces the risk of cancer, and can be used as a cooking oil, moisturizersexual lubricant, and an antiseptic.

Personally I have had positive and negative coconut oil experiences, such as:

  • Moisturizer – slathering it on my hands once didn’t seem to make a difference. But used a few days in a row did seem to help.
  • Cooking – I tried it as a spread on a rice cake and man, it was awful. Don’t try this at home.

Sticking to facts, coconut oil is a saturated fat. It may seem counter-intuitive to call a satuated fat “healthy” in our current unsatursated-fat obsessed health climate. But the pendulum has swung back and forth on “good fats” and “bad fats”–my view is all things in moderation. If nothing else it’s no worse, health-wise, than butter–without the negative digestive side effects.

So read up, stock up, and enjoy!

*Except for those with coconut allergies. Yes, apparently this can happen.