It’s the Little Things

sticky- on track

I’ve never been into those cheery, inspirational posters people hang on their dorm rooms and office walls. You know the ones, with a kitten clinging to the branch of a tree and the words “Hang in there!” across the bottom. Or “TEAMWORK” scrawled under a bunch of guys rowing a boat. Because, you know, they gotta row in the same direction, like a team. Ahem.

But I am a fan of Post-it® notes. Thank you Dr. Spencer Silver and Art Fry for making them possible. Anyone who has ever been in my home or office, and sometimes even my car, has seen a rainbow of notes containing shopping list, passwords, directions, and tasks.

sticky- to do

Nowadays people put all that on their phones, but old habits die hard and my sticky note habit started in the pre-phone era. Hard to believe I’m that old, I know.
So when I was looking for a way to stay on the right track with my diet and exercise goals, I stayed in my comfort zone. My wheelhouse, if you will.

I went right to my little buddies and asked for some help.

sticky- move
Little friendly messages strategically placed throughout the house remind me to eat less sugar, eat more nuts, and to move my butt. And while some days I just gaze right past them, over time I think they’re helping. Looking at them every day, the messages have seeped into my brain.

sticky- eat nuts sticky- no sugar!

How do YOU stay on track?


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